Tamara Muller – Painting the Unsatisfied

Künstlerfeature in: Devora Ran (Issue 02/ 2009)


The paintings of Tamara Muller evoke an uncomfortable sensation. We are confronted with images of little girls with unsatisfied, demanding mouths which clearly express their desire. All the pictures contain little girls in some shape or form. They have enlarged heads and faces, mostly it is the face of the artist herself, delicately painted and cloned.

The girl´s bodies are small, soft, child-like, unfinished. Their eyes are blank and humid, inexpressively observing. Some even appear a bit demented. The girls appear in groups of two or three, or perhaps just the one, seeking sexual satisfaction amongst themselves or alone. If they lack company, the girls grab a teddy bear, a furry pet or an interesting liquid. Their sex act is a very basic one. Lick, rub, stick, suck, swallow. Where the skin is thin you can get in touch with the world. Get connected with the universal stream. Plug in to the great, big whole. And get satisfied.

Painted with a few strokes, the bodies seem sensitive and exposed. It´s funny that these little girls, painted much larger than life, expose lustfully their sexual wishes and desires, whilst the spectator turns into a dumb voyeur. They seem little, but they are powerful. Their desires and ideas emerge from the cerebellum, they are primitive and sometimes repugnant in their eternal selfishness. But there is also a fundamental attraction. The vision that the weak ones, like children and females, take control of their (sexual) needs and their fulfilment is an exciting one. Tamara Muller´s girls are on the safe side of the canvas. And they know it.


İTamara Muller